Shipping Radius


200 miles shipping radius

200 miles shipping radius
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W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. offers delivery

to wholesale flower customers within a 200 mile radius of Eden, NY. Therefore, we cover as far east as Syracuse and Utica, as far south as Pittsburgh and as far west as Cleveland and Akron. All of our delivery is done within a day’s turnaround time for our truck drivers. We operate and maintain our own fleet of trucks to ensure timely deliveries to our customers. Please give us a call for current rates and quantity requirements.


W.D. Henry & Sons’ Broccoli Fields

When in season, fresh produce is available

in case quantities for pick-up on a daily basis. W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. also sells and distributes wholesale produce throughout the East Coast and Midwestern United States. Our centralized location enables us to deliver to many major markets within one day of harvest. As a result, this gives our customers a steady supply of the freshest vegetables. Please contact our office for availability and current pricing.