Our History

About Us

Pictured left to right: Mark Henry, Dan Henry, Ryan O’Gorman

W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. is proud to celebrate over 125 years

of fresh produce and flowers. Originally established in 1888 by William D. Henry, the business is now operating under the management of the family’s fourth and fifth generations, Mark and Dan Henry. Although our business has evolved over the years, our tradition of family farming remains the same. We pride ourselves on quality, integrity and up-to-date production and food safety practices. As recognition for our years of dedication to agriculture, W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. has received numerous awards, including the New York State Century Farm Award and the New York State Farm Family Award.

Today, we are a year-round operation. W.D. Henry & Sons produces a variety of fresh market vegetables available from July through October, holiday potted crops for winter, and a full line of annuals and perennials for spring. Click to learn more about our flowers and vegetables.

Historical Photos

  • First truck purchased by W.D. Henry & Sons – 1917

  • Truck load of vegetables headed for Elk St. Market in Buffalo, NY – 1920

  • Walter D. Henry (L) & Clarence Henry (R) inspecting a head of cabbage – 1952

  • Harold Henry loading a pallet of sweet corn – 1981